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Option 7 - Institute Alternative Route to Certification

Guidelines for submitting an application to provide an alternative route to certification institute.

Allows a person in a field other than education to receive a one-year Temporary Provisional Certificate (elementary, middle, and/or secondary) renewable for a maximum of three years, if he/she has met the following conditions:
  • Holds a bachelor's degree with a declared academic major in the area of certification and a cumulative GPA of 2.75, or a professional or graduate degree in a field related to the area of certification.
  • Meets minimum passing scores of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) as designated by the EPSB.
  • Passes written tests designated by the EPSB for content knowledge in the area of certification (e.g., Praxis).
  • Has an offer of employment from a local school district in the area of certification being sought via the Option 7 program.

Additional Information: More information on application for Option 7 is available from our Division of Educator Preparation here.

List of Kentucky Colleges and Universities Providing Option 7

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